• whiteroses

    I think this piece is an important one. You’ve managed to do something extremely difficult, something you needed to do for your own piece of mind, and I don’t blame you for never looking back. Just because someone is a parent doesn’t mean they’re a mother.

  • Lynn Beisner

    You should never have to justify to yourself walking away. It really was the right thing to do. There is a growing community of those of us who have divorced our parents or are in the process. You are in great company and we will support you in whatever way we can.

  • Emily Broadhurst

    It seems as if there is no legal way to actually divorce your mother unless it is for an emancipation at a young age… I am 27 years old and desperately looking to legally forbid my mother to ever contact me or even claim to be my mother. With a similar story such as this, I physically can’t even stand the sight of her. If we are around each other at a family party and she even comes near me, I feel sick inside. She one time put her cold, bony hand on my shoulder (not sure why) and I felt real pain all over my body. It stung and paralyzed me until she let go.

    This article helped me. Reading it was so relatable to my story. The last line held so much power and enlightenment for me, “It was her or me. I choose me”. Maybe that will be something I remember to say next time a family member thinks I am selfish and immature for not tending to my mothers addictive, self harming habits.