• Intelligence Squared Debates on NPR did a podcast a few months ago on the proposition “Liberals are stifling intellectual diversity on campus”, and this was an issue raised really effectively by the team arguing for the motion.

    Campuses should not be echo chambers. They should represent a wide array of views so that students (and faculty and anyone else, really) are encouraged to think critically about what they are hearing.

    • I think Penn and Teller did an episode of Bullshit about this subject, too.

  • jen27

    I could not agree more. I think we are seeing a trend of swinging the pendulum too far to the “sensitive” side–I’m sorry, but while the misogynistic ideals this woman espouses might be used as justification for physically harming someone, her speech on campus is not and any student who truly believes this is not being well served by their education.

    I feel like a lot of these young adults are being told, repeatedly, that anything that makes them feel angry or uncomfortable is harming them in some way and that is so patently false it would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. I’m pretty sure that if a school with a more conservative population were to invite and then disinvite a prominent feminist or GLBT speaker on account of the student body feeling that they were in danger of physical harm because the person spoke out against their deeply held religious views these college kids would be the first ones talking about how ridiculous it all is.

    I wonder if this is yet another side effect of helicopter parenting/special snowflake syndrome? It certainly seems like this group of college kids are completely invested in the idea that they are entitled to live their entire lives without ever being challenged or hearing anything they don’t like.